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Bye Bye Blankie - Heart 2 Heart
Bye Bye Blankie - Heart 2 Heart
Bye Bye Blankie - Heart 2 Heart
Bye Bye Blankie - Heart 2 Heart
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Bye Bye Blankie - Heart 2 Heart


    Nothing as comforting as a Blankie but they are hard to give up. Well Bye Bye Blankie has an answer to this problem. As your child reaches milestones in their life like birthdays or Christmas you trim the Blankie and make it a bit smaller.

    The cleverly designed Blankie has pre marked lines for you to trim the Blankie so it still leaves a hem. And the pattern is always full and never looks cut off.

    You can trim it up to 4 times so that it will become as small as a bank card. This can be put in a school bag or a pocket or even sown into a pillow case.

    Put simply, the blankie reduces slowly as your child grows and allows for attachment adjustment. Loaded with superb design features:

    • Choice of 3 designs.
    • Large 100cm x 80cm
    • Reversible and Washable
    • 2 textures smooth and fleecy
    • Soft Non Fade material
    • Beautifully boxed so suitable as a gift.

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester