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Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Diffuser Oils

by Ger Handy on June 30, 2021

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who read our first blog, it was many more than we expected. And a big thank you for all your kind comments. We are delighted to have such kind people shop with us.

Now as promised this week we will take a look at Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Diffuser Oils. So firstly, what is an Aroma Diffuser and what should one expect it to do?

“An Aroma Diffuser is designed to use ultrasonic waves to diffuse your diffuser oil and water together and emit it as a cold mist into the air”

It sounds cool but how it works is probably more important. There is a small ceramic plate at the base of the diffuser, about the size of a penny. This plate vibrates and in doing so mixes very small amounts of the oil with the water. The water and oil form into a cold mist and this is then released through the spout at the top of your diffuser. In turn this will disperse throughout your house giving you a beautifully fragranced home.

TIP: Tap water is perfect to use if you have a water softener installed at home. If you don't then use bottled water or distilled water as the lime in tap water can reduce the effectiveness of the ceramic plate and reduce its performance.

How to Operate an Aroma Diffuser:

Begin by adding the water and oil to the diffuser. This is relatively easy to do, just lift off the outer sleeve of the diffuser to access the container for holding the water. Fill this with water up to the 'Max' mark.  Then add a few drops of your favourite oil and put the outer cover back on. Now turn on the diffuser by holding the power on button for a second. The diffuser will come to life and begin to work. There are other features to understand as well and we will go through them later. (See the photo guide below).

Newgrange Living Diffusers:

We have tried several different makes and models of diffusers over the years and we find the Newgrange Living collection to be the best value and most reliable. There are 4 models to choose from, 3 have a glass exterior and 1 has a timber effect exterior. All 4 models diffuse exactly the same but the glass ones can be also used as a lamp. 

Other Features

The Newgrange Living Diffusers with the glass exterior have a number of different colour settings for the lamp mode. You can choose to leave the diffuser on a selected colour or let it run through the changing colour sequence to give a warm ambience to the room.

All the diffusers in the range come with a useful timer function which allows you to select either the 2-hour or 4-hour timer setting. The diffuser with turn itself off after the selected time has elapsed. This is an ideal feature to use if you want to use your diffuser in your bedroom. 

The built-in safety function of the diffusers will shut the diffuser off in the event it runs out of water in order to protect the unit. 

TIP: Add lavender oil to your diffuser and place in your bedroom for a few hours before retiring to help aid a good night's sleep. Remember to use the timer function. 

Diffuser Oils

So now we have an overview of the diffusers and their functions let's have a look at what oils to use. We can split the oils into 2 separate groups, Essential Oils and Perfumed Oils. 

10ml Essential Oils:

Essential oils come in 10ml bottles and are made primarily of extracts from plants and flowers. Essential oils have been used for years to relive pain, reduce stress and aid sleep. It takes a large quantity of plants to make just one bottle of essential oil therefore quality will vary between manufactures. We recommend the Always Natural brand for the best quality essential oils. While Essential oils are mainly used for their medicinal properties, we would often sell them with a diffuser to aid breathing or sleep. This use is known as aromatherapy.

To use essential oils in your diffuser just add a few drops to the water. Of course, add a drop or 2 more if you feel you need a stronger fragrance but don't overdo it as sometimes it just takes getting used too. 

The table below shows our top 5 selling Essential Oils suitable for diffuser use.

1.  Lavender Promotes sleep, relaxation and stress relief.
2. Chamomile Helps reduce anxiety, aids sleep and relaxation.
3. Ylang Ylang Relieves tension and promotes sleep.
4.  Eucalyptus Reduces nasal congestion and aids breathing.
5. Bergamot Helps reduce stress and inflamation


50ml Diffuser Oils

As you can see from the above table Essential Oils are usually used to reduce stress, aid sleep and help breathing. When it comes to fragrances for your home, we recommend our 50ml bottles of Perfumed Diffuser Oils. These are great value at just €12.95 and will last for months. We searched far and wide to find the right supplier to cover this area and ended up with a Spanish company no less. We stock over 20 of their top selling fragrances so we know there is one that will suit every home.

Perfumed oils are lighter and mistier and will travel throughout your home easier no matter where your diffuser is located. To get the best results just add a few shakes of the bottle to the diffuser. Just remember, more shakes - stronger fragrance. 

Below find our top 5 selling perfumed diffuser oils.

1 Angels Charm Well balanced blended collection of Spa Oils.
2 Flower Shop Striking flower shop scents with jasmine notes
3 Lavender Relaxing scents of lavender
4 Cashmere Clean, fresh and Oriental Blends
5 Flor do Lotus Strong Lotus flower notes with hints of fruits


TIP: Rinse and wipe clean the interior of your diffuser regularly to get consistent results.

So that ends our review of diffusers and diffuser oils. We hope you found it useful. If you would like to purchase a diffuser and/or an oil you can

  • Call in store
  • Phone 057 93 64687 and place your order over the phone
  • Visit our website.

If your eircode begins with R35, N37, N91 or R42 we will deliver to you free of charge. Just tick 'free local delivery' at checkout. For all other area's we charge a small fee of €5 for purchases under €60 and it's free over €60.

Babies & their new home

I'm not forgetting we promised an update on the twins and the house. Delighted to say all are going according to plan. Mammy to be had her anomaly scan last week and everything was in the right place with both babies measuring and weighing perfectly for 22 weeks.

It is amazing what technology can do, to see the two of them wriggling away in the womb oblivious to Mammy and Daddy checking in on them was a beautiful sight. Twin one was well behaved throughout the half hour appointment and remained relatively still for all the measuring and photos. Twin two on the other hand is already showing a less than compliable personality and is on a yellow card already. We may need to put a naughty step on the list of things to buy!

We took the decision to not find out the sex of the twins before they are born. We know there is no right or wrong decision here and we felt we'd like a surprise. It is however making it harder to pick names but im sure we will figure it out in time.

The plasters are close to finishing the inside of the house and then the fun will begin as we move to fit out the house. We signed off on the kitchen in the last week with Kieran Darcy kitchens and are hoping have installed in the coming weeks. We are changing our minds daily on light fixtures and i'm sure we are testing the patience of the electrician.

We are looking forward to seeing it all coming together over the coming weeks. The clock is ticking though and pressure is mounting to have all completed in time for Mammy. We will need to give her time to settle in before the new arrivals make their appearance. But so far all is good.

Now that's it for this week, we hope you enjoyed the review and the updates. We will be back next week with a look at the age old burning of Incense. I promise it is more interesting than you might expect.

 Till then, Take care,


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by Sinèad Egan on July 05, 2021

Thank you for the great blog, Congratulations,delighted to hear all is going well,I was just wondering please,I have the Newgrange diffuser and oils that I bought in your shop..Are they safe to use around Pets(dog)Thank you.

by Frances Stones on July 03, 2021

Really love these diffusers.Great to hear all going according to plan with new house .Great excitement ahead with twins and new home.Love the blogs

by Susan Jordan on July 01, 2021

I personally love the newgrange diffuser .. so easy to use .. delighted to hear the twins and mammy are doing good.. won’t feel it until ye are in new house .. delighted for ye..

by Dee Healy on June 30, 2021

Congratulations again. Lovely blog well done

by Romaine Newman on June 30, 2021

Great blog guys….just wondering if the eucalyptus oil would help with very bad hay fever ?