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Are Incense Sticks any good?

Are Incense Sticks any good?

The word Incense comes from the latin pharse 'to burn' and evidence has been uncovered that shows the Egyptians had started to use Incense in their religious cermonies almost 4500 years ago. It is assumed the burning of incense at that time was use as a way of cleansing the air and inviting a mood for prayer and reflection. This practice contiunes today with many of the Christian, Hindu and Buddist religions including incense burning in their cermonies. 
by Ger Handy on July 12, 2021
Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Diffuser Oils

Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Diffuser Oils

Now as promised this week we will take a look at Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Diffuser Oils. So firstly, what is an Aroma Diffuser and what should one expect it to do?

“An Aroma Diffuser is designed to use ultrasonic waves to diffuse your diffuser oil and water together and emit it as a cold mist into the air”

by Ger Handy on June 30, 2021
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It's time to start our blog.

Over the coming weeks we will review, give tips & post demos on following topics:

  • Using your Aroma Diffuser.
  • Home incense burning.
  • Getting the most from your candle.
  • How to pick the right lamp.
  • Making a floral arrangement.
  • Essential oils and their uses.
  • Do I need a new handbag? 
by Ger Handy on June 22, 2021